Aluminum Piping Systems


                                    AP – Aluminum section tube

AP is the latest generation of modular piping system developed by TESEO, available in 20, 25, 40 and 50 mm diameters with a wide range of accessories.
The pipes are in extruded aluminum and are connected to fittings and accessories, equipped with “O” rings, with the exclusive dovetail clamping and joining system patented by TESEO.
AP can handle compressed air up to 15 bars pressure, vacuum and other non dangerous gases. It is suitable for the installation of column drops, small distribution  manifolds on machines or control panels.
The assembly is easy and very fast with the use of simple tools, without threading or welding any component. By simply drilling the profile and applying an outlet plate, you can immediately extract the fluid power where needed, at any moment, and even when the installation is already completed.


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